Dan Watson Age 15 D.O.B: 8th June 1988 (Gemini)
Instruments I Play: Drums, Guitar (Lead & Rhythm, Bass, Piano & Clarinet)Oh yeh, and the tambourine!
Five words that describe you: Good looking, Extremely talented Chap
Pet hates: Kevs & One "unable-to-name" person from the local authority who is supposed to promote bands but doesn't cos he's CRAP!
Fave SEP song: Twisted
Can't miss TV prog: Takeshi's Castle and anything involving scenes of a sexual nature.
Who are you're heroes: Flea (Red Hot Chillies) Paul Mcartney
Dream date: Jill Del Long or Tatu (or Both of them, Bring it on girls!)
Hopes for future: For S-E-P to be huge!
Best Moment to Date: Appearing on Stars in their Eyes as "The Monkeys"
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